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Importance of Fungus

Fungi are all around us. They inhabit our world as frequently as plenty of other creatures do and also serve an essential purpose. They are present in our food, clothes, rivers, lakes, trees, soil, and even in the air. Their function is to break down organic matter so that other tiny organisms, including bacteria, can consume it. As a result, fungi and bacteria release Phosphorus, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon into the soil and atmosphere.

The fungus also occupies a special place in our kitchens. We use them to make cheese, bread, wine, and bake different items.

Some morels, truffles, and mushrooms also constitute a considerable portion of our cuisines. Mushrooms are most commonly seen on pizzas and other fast food. Certain mushrooms are considered epicurean delicacies and are a rich source of protein.

  •  Our co-dependence:

Humans are co-dependent on fungi for wholesome living as they provide us many great things. If we need to ferment anything, we require yeast – a fungus. Fungi are also a huge source of medicines. They work as great to fight off bacteria.

  • As Food: 

Agaricus campestris, the humble meadow mushroom, is a part of several dishes. Many group members of Penicillium are used to several ripe kinds of cheese. These are completely organic as they are produced in nature. Hence, they do not contain any hazardous chemicals. Morel mushroom and Agaricus are also edible and frequently used in cuisines.

  • Commercial Uses:

Secondary metabolites of fungi are famous for their commercial uses. To kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria, antibiotics are used, which are the natural products of fungi. Penicillin and Cephalosporins have been obtained from fungi, which caused a breakthrough in medicine. Cyclosporin is a valuable immunosuppressant drug used to prevent rejection after an organ transplant; is obtained from a fungus. Ergot alkaloids are used to stop bleeding, and some precursors of steroid hormones are also obtained from fungi. This indicates that fungi are essential for our wholesome living because they help us combat diseases and achieve other tasks efficiently.

  • Mushrooms as Herbal Supplements:

Supplements obtained from mushrooms and available in the form of pills or powder are termed mushroom supplements. These supplements are made from a special kind of mushrooms, called adaptogenic mushrooms. Adaptogenic mushrooms have unique health-boosting properties. These supplements are used for various purposes; some reduce stress while others increase energy levels. Shiitake is one such supplement, which is said to have terpenoids, sterols, and polysaccharides. All these compounds lower the cholesterol level and boost the immune strength.

  • Mushrooms with medicinal values:

Turkey Tail mushroom has been used in Asia for thousands of years due to its ability to strengthen the immune system. It has also proved to be helpful in the cancer and some other diseases’ recovery. Similarly, Maitake, an edible mushroom, has been a part of Asian cuisine for centuries. It has been used in traditional medicine for the sport of normal blood pressure and diabetes. Recent evidence suggests their use in the maintenance of a healthy liver. Maitake mushrooms are believed to alter lipid metabolism by elevating serum lipid and inhibiting the accumulation of liver lipids. 


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Health with Coriolus versicolor mushroom

We have been hearing the phrase “Health is Wealth,” and it is very true. Humans are nothing without a well-functioning immune system, and medical sciences have been working for its betterment for thousands of years. Although the methods have changed these days immensely, compounds extracted from natural products are still in use. 

Coriolus Versicolor mushrooms are one such natural product. Their common name is Turkey Tail. It is found all over the world but is not included in any cuisine. Instead, this worldwide present mushroom finds its applications in medicine. It has been used for thousands of years in Asia for better immune health, and recent lab studies have shown it to be beneficial for cancer. Coriolus Versicolor is available in the market in the form of teas, capsules, and extracts.

Coriolus Versicolor extract has been used to treat Lung diseases in traditional Chinese medicine, and in Japan, it has been used to strengthen the immune system.

How it works: 

The polysaccharides extracted from Coriolus Versicolor were investigated. These polysaccharides show a macrophage stimulating effect, which was compared with Lipopolysaccharides. The polysaccharide obtained from the extract of Coriolus Versicolor showed 250% more effectiveness than the LPS. This way, Coriolus Versicolor extract was proved to be effective for the immune system scientifically.

  • For Cancer:

Cancer prevention studies were conducted with a hot water extract of Coriolus Versicolor mushroom in female Swiss mice. This extract was added to the diet that was fed to the animals. The mice were divided into three groups. They received the following treatment:

Group 1:

The first group of mice started receiving their dose at the age of 9 weeks. They received ten weekly subcutaneous injections with a ratio of 20micro/g body weight. The injection contained 1, 2-dimethylhydrazine dihydrochloride. 

Group 2:

In the second group, mice were given a 2% dose level starting at seven weeks. This dose was also followed by 1,2-dimethylhydrazine. 

Group 3:

Mice of group 3 also received a 1,2-dimethylhydrazine dose followed by a 2% dose level, and it started at the age of 21 weeks.

The number of animals with large intestinal tumors came out to be different in all three groups. The lowest range being in group 3. 

The extracts of Coriolus Versicolor are used as nutritional supplements for cancer patients in the U.S., especially in the Orient. 

The polysaccharopeptides and protein-bound polysaccharides produced by Coriolus Versicolor are efficient immunopotentiators, which is why it is used to supplement radiotherapy and chemotherapy for cancer patients and numerous other diseases. 

Extracts of Coriolus Versicolor are popular worldwide because of the presence of countless biologically active components. 

Coriolus Versicolor is termed as Yun Zhi in Chinese. For centuries, the Chinese have been using herbs along with conventional medical treatment. They believe it enhances the speed of recovery. In Asian cultures, various herbs are mixed with mushrooms and used for the treatment of different ailments. Mushrooms also find a huge role in strengthening the immune system. 

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