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About Mushroom Remedy

history of mushroom remedy - liloHistory of Mushroom Remedy starts with personal experiences. The founders of Mushroom Remedy have seen the medicinal properties of mushrooms firsthand. When back in 1998, one of their family members (Lilo Lu – mother of the founder of Mushroom Remedy) recovered from a late stage lung cancer after using a mushroom derived product. This miraculous event served as catalyst for more research and investigations of various types of mushroom. This includes their medicinal and other beneficial properties. Through Mushroom Remedy, we would like to bring some of our findings to market so others may also benefit.

History of Mushroom Remedy The Company

Mushroom Remedy is founded on the premise that we want to provide the best and most potent mushroom derived products. Our customers’ health and well being are important to us. Therefore, our mission is to introduce the best quality mushroom products as dietary or herbal supplements to improve the quality of life and promote wellness among our customers.

Finally, all of our products are all natural, gluten free and vegan. Mushroom Remedy manufactures all its products in the United States in an FDA approved, CGMP facility.

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