Top 5 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

In general, the immune system does an outstanding job to protect against pathogenic microorganisms. However, sometimes it fails and a germ penetrates successfully and makes you ill. Is there any way to intervene in this process and strengthen your immune system? What if you improve your diet? Take certain vitamins, herbs or boosting supplements? Do other lifestyle changes in the hope of producing an almost perfect immune response? Read on to learn the top 5 dietary and supplement changes and healthy life habits you can practice in your everyday life to reduce illness days and maintain a strong and ready to fight immune system.

yogurt1) Probiotics

Keeping your gut flora in the tip-top position is one of the best ways to avoid getting hit by a pathogen, and for many of us, a probiotic can help. A study conducted in 2012 showed that in order to stimulate the immune system, a particular group of microbiota in the intestine was necessary. In 2014, another study found that certain strains of probiotics have been shown to significantly decrease the number, duration, and severity of respiratory and upper gastrointestinal infections in athletes. So people who never get sick might just be making friends with gut bacteria. Probiotics could be found easily in yogurt, fermented foods, beverages or in a convenient pill form.

fruit-vitamins2) Vitamins

Taking vitamins in the form of food or supplement is another best way to prevent yourself from getting sick and preparing ourselves for the future defense.  Though vitamins and minerals are micronutrients and we require them in small quantities, yet they play several important metabolic as well as protective functions in the body. This is the reason why deficiency of a particular vitamin can lead to a severe metabolic disease in the body.

When it comes to the vitamins, ones with the powerful antioxidant properties is the best way to help maintain healthy immune system. The three major antioxidant vitamins include vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C. These vitamins have the ability to combat invading pathogens, neutralize damaging free radicals, increase the number and life span of white blood cells and reduce the age-related decline in immunity. To get enough of these potential vitamins; experts recommend eating raw or semi-cooked fruit and vegetables or a good quality multivitamin supplement.

mushroom remedy - turkey tail mushrooms3) Mushrooms

For centuries people around the world are using various types of mushrooms for a healthy immune system. Modern researchers now know why. Studies show that certain mushrooms have a strong potential to increase the production and activity of white blood cells, making them more aggressive towards invading pathogens. Furthermore, several species of mushrooms studied showed significant increase in body’s antioxidant and anti-tumor activities in the tested subjects.

Turkey tail, reishi and maitake mushrooms seem to pack the biggest immunity punch. However, majority of these medicinal mushrooms are not for daily culinary use due to their taste or other factors. Furthermore, cooking it will not extract the core ingredients from these mushrooms. Most of them require advanced laboratory extraction techniques.

After years of research and development, Mushroom Remedy is able to produce the best mushroom supplement on the market by using special strains of each species and harvest them just at the peak of their medicinal potency. That is why Mushroom Remedy‘s products are the Best of Nature!

Tea time4) Tea

According to one study, people who drank 3 cups of black or green tea per day for 2 weeks have 10 times more pathogen-fighting interferon in their blood than others who had drank a placebo hot drink. The amino acid responsible for this immunostimulation, L-theanine, is abundant in green and black tea. Green tea has powerful anti-oxidant properties too. It also helps the body fight against free radicals that cause damage to the body.

shellfish5) Shellfish

Selenium, a powerful antioxidant is abundant in shellfish like lobsters, oysters and crabs. It helps white blood cells produce protein cytokines that help clear influenza viruses and many disease-causing bacteria out of the body. Mackerel, salmon and herring are packed with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that reduce inflammation. They increase airflow and protect the lungs from colds and respiratory infections. Besides anti-inflammatory action, omega-3 fatty acids are also associated with reducing mortality rate due to fatal cardiovascular diseases.

Finally, a balanced diet with these five areas included can help your body maintain a healthy immune system. Mushroom Remedy’s commitment is to provide our customers with the most potent medicinal mushroom supplements available. We manufactures all its products in the United States in an FDA approved, CGMP certified facility. In addition, all Mushroom Remedy products are 100% Natural, 100% Vegan, NON-GMO and Gluten Free. We hope you will like our products and would consider us when selecting a mushroom based immune supplement.

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